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Seeking Solutions,
More Abundance,
An Independent Life?

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Support systems, Food, Water, Energy, Security, shelter, finance

Are you concerned with...

-Cost of living increases/inflation

-Fragile supply chains

-A future for your family

-Healthier food options or food security

-What to do with your new property or a property you want to buy

-Losing your job or making ends meet

-Natural or manmade disasters

-Failing ecosystems

If you are concerned about these things or need to find better solutions for your homestead/property, then let's chat. Using years of collected skills in the food industry,  Permaculture, Regenerative farming, emergency preparedness as well as entrepreneurship...we can build a solution and actionable steps for your needs, together. Regardless if you have 1 acre or 100 acres, I can help!

We'll work together to design your property and life to be Bountiful through Holistic Property Planning and Resilient Support Systems. I'll lead you through a personalized series of sessions and train you "How" to think about your property and support systems , then "Why" they are important, so we together can develop the right solution for your context. ("What")


Ultimately helping you live a more bountiful, independent life.

Want to know more? Find out what to expect from a consultation.

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Consultant, Farmer, Homesteader, Goat

Please provide:

-A brief description of you and your situation. (General location, goals, property size etc.)

-What do you want to get out of our sessions together?

-What topics interest you most?

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